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USA Patriot Act and its contreversy

The Book Discusses the USA Patriot Act and the intention of this act. This act has been developed after 9/11 for the purpose of protecting US citizens and to find terrorist to possible terror attacks that may take action in the USA.

This act has been abused by the FBI, US attornies and many more parties in the USA. It is a very controversial act. Many people objected to this act but it all has been ignored. Such act threats the privacy of individuals. Although it is declared to protect individuals, but isnt it harming them more than doing any good.

Even when the act was updated. It simply became more specific and detailed to give more power to the government over individuals. How can people change this, where is the democracy and freedom of opinion? Is this Big Brother becoming the reality of life? Was George Orwell right about what the world is coming to?



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