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Please Rob Me

In the Class, we were given an example of a website that gathers information from twitter posts about people outside of their homes and posts them to the website for everyone to see. The website is called “Please Rob Me”. The creators of this website declare that they have created it for awareness purposes. Should we respect their purpose and thank them for the awareness or should they be punished for publishing information about people without their permission? Or wait a minute! if someone tweets something that is accessible by anyone, can he declare later that it is private information?

Today many individuals share they current locations whether using phone GPS and services like “Latitude” from google, snapping pictures with their locations tagged to it, facebook updated, or tweets. There are many more ways they share such information. When someone creates a website like “Please Rob Me”, what is the propoer action to take?

Rules, regulations, rights, law, and morals are becoming more vague and mixed together every day. It is not easy to differentiate between what you are ought and not ought to do, what is legal and what is not, what are the rights of an individual and where it stops. So how can we improve this and help define it clearly? What is every individuals role in making our world a better and more secure place to live in?

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