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Microsoft Using Android As a Cash Cow!?

Based on the following Article, Microsoft is suing or requiring licensing fees from a large number of companies that make Android phones and tablets. Such companies are Samsung and HTC:  http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Microsoft+have+found+unlikely+cash+Android/5095399/story.html

Is what Microsoft doing ethical? and why is it suing Google’s consumers and not Google itself? In the article they talk about how big companies do not sue eachother, but Isn’t better for google to settle some kind of licensing fee with Microsoft instead of enabling Microsoft to follow every company that tries to make Android products? Wouldn’t this actually affect Android production and sale more than having one clear and direct settlement between Google and Microsoft?

In addition, if they claim Android is using many of their patented technologies, then why aren’t they suing apple since Android OS is very similar to the iOS? or since they have some shares in Apple they are protecting their own personal gain?

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