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Michael Jackson and Anti-Gravity Shoes


Micheal Jackson was not only the King of Pop. He also an inventor. He invented the anti-gravity shoes that were used to shoot “Smooth Criminal” video. These shoes give you the illusion of anti-gravity.

This patent is a very interesting one and unlike usual ones that usual serve a certain issue or problem, or used a product to attract customers. This patent was intended for pure entertainment and illusion in the video clip.

Many fans recreated the shoes trying o imitate Michael jackson’s invention with hundreds of videos posted showing them dancing with the shoes and imitating the anti-gravity move. In this case, there were no sues against anyone duplicating the work as infringing the patent. Which is also interesting since we always hear about settlements and cases for patent infringements.

If you are interested to read more about how this invention works, please press on the link below:


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