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Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction is a very critical subject that is becoming more and more crucial to study and understand with the increase use of technology in our every day life. Many Psychologists declare that Internet Addiction is as real as drug and alcohol addiction.

But is there any difference between such addiction and other kinds of addiction? Do we enable Internet Addiction with our unlimited and increasing dependency on technology in our everyday life?

Many people’s work depend on the internet if it is not internet based. In addition, software developers for example sometimes need to work 15-18 hours a day to finish a critical part of the code. Is this considered addiction too? Aren’t major companies (ex: Microsoft, enabling such extensive use of computers and the internet?

Many of those “addicted” users are actually the ones helped further all the technologies that we use today. So is it really a bad thing to stay online for long hours at a time? or is it a good useful thing for improving the world and the technologies used.

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