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Globalization from a Different Perspective

In the book we discuss Globalization and arguments for and against the concept. But without looking at the professional view of the whole concept, thinking about Globalization as an individual who live on earth, do you see the move a globalization as a good or a bad step for the future?

As a concept it is a very interesting one which I believe would connect the whole world together, open new doors and opportunities for everyone around the world, help each part of our home earth bring what it is best at for everyone to share. But why are there many people against it?

Globalization has many advantages; it increased the competition and production from providers from all over the world, can improve unemployment in poorer countries, can help develop third world countries, and help reduce unrest and increase more stability.

What is really worrying and unclear is how much power the World Trade Organization (WTO) would over the whole world if Globalization is fully implemented?

One of the main problems complained about is how much power WTO would have where other governments should subordinate to the WTO. Based on the book, WTO also gets to make the rules for globalization without anybody electing them. If this becomes official and global then whole world would be controlled by WTO, which means that no country, government or party has any kind of independency or freedom of choice. If this is true, then the conspiracy theory of New World Order can become true. How can we avoid that? How can we change and improve the concept of globalization to benifit from it universally and give ourselves and souls for WTO to control the whole world? Where is our role as individuals to assure that this never happens?

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