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Filter Bubbles

Mr. Eli Pariser on TED discusses the importance of having equal and uncensored or controlled access of information on the internet, nad the danger of letting comapnies like Google, facebook, yahoo, and many more control and tailor the information passed to us on our web. Please find below the link to the video:

Mr. Elie calls those tailored Web searches and information as Filter Bubbles. This is a very interesting way of percieving all those complicated algorithms that help individuals today customize their search, flow of information, and their internet habbits and lifestyle.

Today Google for example studies what kind of search you make, and what do you usually find interesting to filter out your search resuts for what they think “you want to see” or “you are looking for”. Is this a good or a bad move? is it really isolating us from all of the other information that we do not know about? is this disconnecting us from what is really going on? are we getting only part of the truth out there?

Mr. Praiser also states the importance of improving such algorithms to consider other factor that what we usually like to see. For example what is important, what is uncomfortable, what is challenging and many more perspectives. It also should have some kind of ethical understanding embedded in it. If this can be implemented then such algorithms can be come as intelligent as a human or even maybe more. Such intelligent Robots may solve the problem Mr. Praiser is discussing, but wouldn’t this raise a new problem? A problem that we have seen many times in movie and read about in Novels, where machines become much more intelligent than the human race and they start controlling our world? Is this possible? and if it is, is it a good or a bad thing?

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