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Big Brother and Privacy Today

Ann Cavoukian, in her interview in the book (Page 297-300), she mentioned that if “emerging technologies” are not properly used we will be living an “Orwellian nightmare”. in 1948 George Orwell discussed in his book “1984” that in the near future that all individiuals in the world will be under full surveillance. He represented this prediction with a character called “Big Brother” who is the main dectator having full control over all individuals.

Today, with technology monitoring any individual or finding detailed information about him and his whole life history became very easy and constantly updated. Especially that not only the government tries to gather information, but not every individual constantly and willingly provides detailed information about their lives. For example using facebook to update your location, pictures, status, etc…

Do we still have privacy? do we still want privacy? Are we living in an age where we are being monitored by the “elite” or “Big Brother”? Shouldn’t we set the line to where this stops? or are we happy enabling it?

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